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German Cheesemaker Champignon

April 10, 2013

For more than 100 years, German cheesemaker Champignon has been making fine, soft-ripened cheeses. Champignon’s signature cheese, Cambozola, is a distinctive cheese that is neither blue nor brie, but combines the best of both in one bite. It is a triple-cream cheese with a velvety smooth texture and delicate blue veining that imparts a delightful blue flavor.

Cambozola is a popular cheese that is fun to serve when entertaining. For a nice cheese plate, pair Cambozola with fresh (or dried) figs, roasted walnuts and rustic bread. For a complimentary wine, go for a Pinot Noir or Port.

Beyond the cheese plate, Cambozola adds an upscale twist to many dishes.

For recipes visit There you will find some gems, including a Cambozola Ice Cream that is well worth a culinary leap of faith!


Serving Tips from Champignon

How do I serve the cheese?

To serve soft-ripened cheese at its finest and allow it to fully develop its flavor characteristics, leave it out on a plate, unwrapped, 30-45 minutes before guests arrive. Cheese should be served at a room temperature.

What is the serving size?

Estimate 1.5 oz of cheese per person for an appetizer when serving an assortment of cheeses.

Can I eat the rind?

Yes, absolutely. The rind is rich in calcium and it’s an integral component of the flavor profile. Remove the rind is for cooking applications, like soups or sauces.

When is soft-ripened cheese ripe enough to serve?

One of the keys to enjoying the experience of soft-ripened cheese is to find cheeses ripened to your preferred level of maturity. When young, soft-ripened cheese is firm and somewhat chalky, with numerous small irregular holes or spaces in the body of the cheese and the aroma is quite mild. As the cheese matures, the body of the cheese becomes softer, closing up the irregular holes and eventually becoming like soft custard.